Families are makers of meaning. Our families provide each of us with a sense of identity and belonging. They encourage shared ideas and ways of viewing the world. Families are or should be a place of physical and emotional safety and security. Some of the problems Karen Brown can help with that disrupt the feeling of safety and security for the parents and the children are:


    • Divorce
    • Substance Abuse
    • Chronic Illness
    • Mental Illness
    • Communication Problems
    • Physical / Emotional Abuse

The Family is a System

Families work as a system, the good news is, when one of the members (could be the child, parent, or step-parent) makes even the smallest of positive changes, the whole family dynamic can change for the better. But for lasting change to take place, family counseling is ideal. With a solution-focused approach, Karen will:
  • Help improve the communication patterns among family members
  • Determine the “role” each family member plays in the on-going conflicts and help them change their contributing behavior
  • Help each member with personal “boundaries”. Who talks to whom about what? If boundaries are too loose, there can be emotional enmeshment. If boundaries are too rigid there may be unhealthy family secrets.
  • Assist the family with formulating goals and developing a plan for lasting behavior change.
Call today and let Karen help you get your family going in the right direction!

Family Counseling | Dallas Counseling & Wellness Center

Family counseling Dallas. Most family counseling takes place as a result of the parent(s) bringing their child in for treatment due to disruptive behavior or a mood disorder.