monica brookhartMonica is a bilingual (English and Spanish speaking) therapist. She works with teens, adults, and families who suffer from depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and relationship problems. Monica’s clients range from children age 11+ to middle age adults. While she enjoys clients of all ages, she has a magical way of bonding and working with teens and preteens. A therapist either has this talent or they don’t, regardless of their education and training. It is hard to find, but it can be life-changing for your child when you do.

Do you feel like you have no control over your life or your relationships? So much so that no matter how hard you look for new options there seem to be none? Monica may be just the person to help you! Her approach to therapy is to help clients identify their strengths, current processes that are working in their life, and attributes that have worked in the past. Her focus on prior successes and possibilities rather than on mistakes and failures sets her apart from other therapists. In fact, she hates the word “failure”. Monica prefers to call each misstep in a person’s life a growth opportunity! Monica helps her clients learn how to make better and more effective choices to gain more control over their lives.

In addition to her practice at DCAW, her background includes working in mental health clinics and psychiatric hospitals with individuals, teens, and families who suffer from severe mental illness to those struggling with everyday stresses and have difficulty coping with life’s challenges.

Her favorite quote is “People take charge of their lives rather than being the victims of circumstances beyond their control.” -Gerald Corey

Monica resides in Dallas with her husband, young child, and her dog. She enjoys working out, the outdoors and going to the park with her family.

Book an appointment with Monica today for you or your child. It could be one of the best decisions you ever make!


LPC-Intern License #77692

  • Licensed Professional Counselor Intern

  • Master of Arts, Professional Counseling, Amberton University

  • Bilingual


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